What is needed really to exports & imports

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installed on your computer. If you do not have it you can download this from Adobe.

Through the expertise that we possess, you can turn to us with all customs matters;
we make sure that you are in an uncomplicated and easily get your export or import goods
declared correctly.

We are of the Customs Approved and certified AEO operator for export and import, this means
all state to your goods easily be transferred between the borders by sea, air and land.
Official control of our state do you do with the Customs Service customer Customs clearance

"All order and offers are subject to NSAB 2000 for Transport, 

Forwarding, and Warehousing. These rules can be obtained from our office."

If we take an example, you have an order to be delivered from Sweden somewhere in the world,
the order is ready for pickup, but all the papers are not quite ready and so on.
We have them both right knowledge and permission to export your shipment directly without
delay, and subsequently complete export formalities.

Export Invoice
In order for us to ensure that your goods reach the recipient within the time so be
invoice enclosed in original with three copies and include the prescribed information, to
see an example of an invoice text that will be with, click the link below.

The text of the invoice declaration examples are available here.

Packaging Certificate

When you are exporting goods to Australia or Chin must enclose a certificate / declaration
the packaging. Our own capacity to pack
Australia such as: LCL packing declaration FCL packing declaration (Word, *. doc format)

TARIC no., Commodity, statistical numbers

For exports and imports, all goods are provided with a statistically-or CN-called
commodity classification. These numbers control the rate and process relevant
for goods and for trade statistics to be correct, the requirement of commodity codes has
now being enhanced in recent years and must exist.

For help with classification and "Binding classification decision" of your goods
click here to go to the Customs Swedish Query system, there you will find all information
or call the Customs call center  0771 - 520 520

To arrange your customs clearance, we need a letter from you.
Simply written by you stating that the AA International AB
right to act "Attorneys" in the export or import matters and these contexts.

The imports of goods already exported and as such must be repaired to
re-exported, we need a return declaration that you fill out and fax to us.
Download Return Declaration (pdf)

ATA Carnet

ATA carnet, the so-called customs passport, is an international customs document which
is valid in some fifty countries to temporarily export the professional equipment,
commercial samples and goods for exhibitions and fairs, but having to pay or deposit the customs,
VAT and other levies. We can help you with any questions.

Download the ATA Carnet application here (MS Word *. doc)

It can be a bit difficult with the terminology in logistics, in order to be able to come to the right
supply conditions to sign the bill, you can take help of Combiterms 2000 list
you find here or call us and we will help you.

Exchange Rates
Customs has fixed exchange rates month by month to be used
at the date of import as For current price click here.
Reservation !
Our advice above is based on Swedish requirements and regulations

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