The trademark ”AA” is not just a symbol, but a guarantee for professional know how land local presence. We look back on our long history and combine it with adaption to the changing surroundings and make progress for the future. The logotype itself has since a long-time been on display in the front of our lorries, and symbolises an over hundred year long tradition of road transports. It has over time been the symbol for reliance, endurance and security. As the first Swedish Haulier Alfr. Andersons‘ became certified in four different areas: Quality, Environment, Road traffic security and Working environment. Thus the logo is the symbol for long term relations and customer satisfaction.

For many years all AA cars were red. The red colour has it’s origin back in the Thirties. The colour was striking and easily recognised both by customers and other drivers along the road. Today if customers requests a special design or colour we will listen to them, otherwise our lorries will continue to be “Red Alfred”  with their characteristic  white “AA” logo on the grille.

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